Delivering Gifts This Christmas – NZ Post’s Christmas Delivery Push

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NZ Post's Christmas Delivery Push

NZ Post is making a concerted effort to deliver around 2.2 million parcels weekly, in anticipation of the Christmas holiday. A total of 16.9 million parcels are predicted to be delivered this season.

NZ Post’s Chief Customer Officer, Bryan Dobson, is proud of the dedication of the NZ Post team, who are working tirelessly to ensure Kiwi’s gifts are under the tree on time.

“This is the busiest time of year for NZ Post, and we plan for the increased number of parcels well in advance.

“Last week we delivered 2.24 million parcels following the Black Friday sales – our biggest week of the year.

“This week, we are expecting to deliver about 2.2 million parcels, and this will continue right up until Christmas Eve when NZ Post couriers will be the last van in the driveway before Santa arrives.”

NZ Post encourages Kiwis to get ready to receive parcels by downloading the NZ Post app, where you can also set up an Authority To Leave for signature required items, with instructions such as ‘leave under the BBQ cover’ to keep items safe and secure.

With the increase in online shopping and parcel deliveries, there is a heightened risk of common scams during Christmas, such as fraudulent delivery notifications or phishing emails.

NZ Post urges customers to stay vigilant and informed about these scams to protect themselves during the holiday season.

A Safe Final Push Before Christmas

NZ Post is also asking New Zealanders to help keep your Couriers and Posties safe this busy season as they’re out and about delivering millions of parcels and mail items in the lead-up to Christmas Day.

NZ Post Chief People Officer Monica Ayers has some safety tips for New Zealanders who are expecting deliveries.

“NZ Post Couriers and Posties are out delivering hundreds of parcels to Kiwi households every day and they do come across some hazards that customers can help with.

Please keep dogs secure, an eye out for Posties on bikes, Paxsters, or walking as you reverse out of driveways, and for Couriers in vans as you are driving – they are often pulled over or are present in driveways to make deliveries.

“We know that this time of year can be stressful and tensions can be high. We are asking New Zealanders to be patient, considerate and careful, to help keep everyone safe,” says Monica.

Image courtesy of NZ Post.