New Zealand’s Passport Ranking and New Insights

Latest Henley Index Insights Show New Zealand Passport Ranks 6th Globally

Aotearoa’s passport has been placed sixth in the Henley Passport Index, which is the “original, authoritative ranking of all the world’s passports according to the number of destinations their holders can access without a prior visa”.

The Henley Passport Index ranks 199 different passports and takes note of 227 unique travel locations.

This round of the Henley Passport Index has surprised the world, as typical heavy-hitters such as the United States and Canada have dropped in the rankings.

This time, New Zealand ranks at a similar level to Australia, the Czech Republic, and Poland.

With visa-free access to 194 destinations, the top spot is shared by six passports: France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore and Spain. There are 189 destinations available to New Zealand travellers with no need for a visa.

In second came Finland, South Korea and Sweden and in third came Austria, Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, the UK, Greece, Malta and Switzerland all ranked above New Zealand. Read the full ranking here:

Understanding Passport Rankings

Published by Henley & Partners, the Henley Passport Index provides a comprehensive overview of passport strength based on visa requirements.

The index is updated regularly to reflect changes in visa policies and international relations. The higher a country ranks on the Henley Passport Index, the more powerful its passport is considered in terms of global mobility.

Passport rankings are annual assessments that measure the travel freedom a passport affords its holders. They are based on the number of countries and territories a passport holder can visit without requiring a visa or with the provision of visa-on-arrival access.

These rankings are compiled by various organisations and are widely used by governments, travellers, and businesses to gauge the global mobility of a country’s citizens.

What Influences Passport Rankings?

Several factors contribute to a passport’s ranking, including diplomatic relations, security concerns, and international agreements.

Countries with strong diplomatic ties and favourable security profiles tend to have passports with greater global mobility.

Additionally, participation in regional alliances and agreements, such as the European Union, can significantly enhance a country’s passport strength.

New Zealand’s Passport Ranking and New Insights

New Zealand Passport Insights

The New Zealand passport consistently ranks high on passport indices, reflecting the country’s global reputation and diplomatic standing.

New Zealand’s commitment to diplomacy, international cooperation, and a strong global presence contributes to the passport’s strength.

With visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to a significant number of countries, New Zealand citizens enjoy a high level of global mobility.

The country’s engagement in international forums and commitment to fostering positive relations contribute to the accessibility of its passport.

The country’s reputation for neutrality, environmental stewardship, and cultural diversity contributes to positive diplomatic relations.

New Zealand’s commitment to these values strengthens its influence on the global stage, reflected in the accessibility and desirability of its passport