2023’s Matchstiq Top 100 unveiled

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July 31st Matchstiq

Showcasing the best Kiwi tech start-ups and businesses to work for

Ben O’Connell

Matchstiq have announced their 2023 Top 100, highlighting the best start-ups and tech companies to work for in New Zealand.

To be considered by the venture capital investment and career platform Matchstiq this year, companies had to be of a certain size, younger than 30, and well-funded.

The list was created alongside some of New Zealand’s most prominent start-up investors and ecosystem partners, and serves as a valuable resource for job seekers, investors, and businesses alike, reflecting the success of the Kiwi tech industry.

Notable companies on the list include 9Spokes, a provider of customized business data for smaller businesses; Alimetry, a gastric dysfunction testing firm; Kea Aerospaces, a firm constructing a solar-powered stratospheric aircraft; and APLYiD, an advanced identity verification software company.

Further stellar entries include Ambit, a chatbot development platform empowering meaningful customer service; retail crime intelligence software Auror; and carbon footprint management platform Cogo, enabling businesses to measure their impact on the climate.

This year’s panel of eight contributors included CEO and cofounder of Badger (and Matchstiq) Greg Denton; Robbie Tindall, director at K1W1; Steph Bensemen from Icehouse Ventures among others.

Individuals in search of new opportunities can join the Matchstiq Anonymous Talent Community to connect with the Top 100 firms, and many more.

The Matchstiq Top 100 list serves as a testament to the growing success of New Zealand’s start-up scene, paving the way for modern ideas around Kiwi ingenuity and innovation. It’s the third time the list has been published.

The tech industry is New Zealand’s fastest growing, so it is perhaps unsurprising that the Matchstiq Top 50 doubled last year, forming the Top 100 list repeated this year.

Per the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE), “it is estimated that the digital technologies sector contributed $7 billion towards New Zealand’s GDP in 2021. The sector has grown at an annual growth rate of 10.4% since 2016, this compares with the wider economy that has grown at an annual rate of 5.1% over the same period.”

Head to Matchstiq’s website for more information on these game-changing Kiwi tech superstars.

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