Job applications 101

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  • September 26, 2023
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Applying to jobs can be a daunting and unforgiving process. When trying to find your next step, there are many common mistakes that are important to avoid, that can really hinder your chances of securing any position. Here are some tips, tricks, and thoughts on nailing the job application process.

Manager of NZ Recruit Lucy Robinson says that the most glaring problem she sees in job applications is when they are too long. Keeping it short and sweet shows you are confident in who you are and able to hone in on exactly what is asked of you. Ensuring any documents are free from spelling and grammar errors is also important.

“One to two pages is good,” Lucy says. “Another problem I see is incorrect personal details, such as when you call someone and the phone number has not been updated. Unfortunately, candidates also send through applications that refer to another job.”

Another common mistake is when people don’t tailor their applications to fit each role. Lucy says that capturing the attention of hiring managers by making use of key wording relevant to the position clearly in your CV is key.

It’s true that in New Zealand, who you know is just as important as what you know. Lucy says that this statement has huge grounds within many clique communities and that it is present for sure, but that ultimately by letting your personality shine and building rapport with people will secure you jobs.

“What school did you go to? What school do your children attend? When I hear those, I just smile.”

Down this line of thinking, networking is a powerful job search tool. Many job opportunities are not advertised publicly but are instead filled through referrals. Attend industry events, join professional groups, and leverage your existing connections to learn about job openings and gain referrals.

We live in an online world, and the job application world is virtually no different.

“Social media is huge”, Lucy says. “Face to face value counts.”

“Socials can paint a picture for sure. Don’t post personal stuff, or rant about people online, because naming and shaming isn’t really cool at all. Do not post stuff you will regret to be honest because everyone can see it!” she says.

Despite New Zealand culture valuing humility, now is not a time to be humble. “Success is an achievement to be proud of,” Lucy says. “I am a believer of treating people how you would want to be treated in life – your actions speak a lot for the person you are.”

“Consider your reactions. Maybe it’s a reflection on you and not the person of success? It could be you one day.”

The job application process is tough, so keep your head high. With these tips, you’ll have secured a new role in no time. To get in touch with NZ Recruit, call 0226485960. Visit for more.