Government’s Christmas Deadline Hustle

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Christmas Deadline Hustle

The New Zealand government, as of 2023, is poised to undertake a series of significant legislative and policy changes before the Christmas break. This newly formed government, led by PM Christopher Luxon, has a clear vision and ambitious plans to pave the way for New Zealand’s future.

Among the Government’s priorities is the repeal of the Resource Management Act and the Three Waters reforms. These changes are expected to have significant implications for environmental management and local government operations in New Zealand.

The government also intends to amend the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 2021. This change aims to remove the dual mandate on inflation and employment, allowing the Reserve Bank to focus solely on price stability.

The plans also extend to the workplace, with the Fair Pay Agreement legislation repealed. This controversial legislation has been the subject of much debate and its repeal represents a significant shift in New Zealand’s labour laws.

Following talks between business reps and employee unions, the Fair Pay Act would have set “minimum standards” for employment in those sectors, which could include minimum pay rates, overtime and penalty rates, and the process for pay rises.

The National Party said the Fair Pay Act was harmful to productivity. As agreed to with ACT, the Government pledged that by Christmas the Fair Pay Act would be repealed.

Christmas Deadline Hustle

Broader Economic Deadlines

Beyond specific legislative changes, the government has outlined a broader vision for New Zealand’s economic future. They plan to implement strategies to tame inflation and run Parliament up to Christmas.

The government is also committed to making climate-related disclosures mandatory for financial institutions with assets greater than NZD 1 billion.

In terms of housing, the Government plans to repeal the Natural and Built Environment Act and the Spatial Planning Act before Christmas. The NBEA, in particular, has been a contentious piece of legislation, with critics arguing that it has hindered housing development.

The New Zealand government has set out a broad and ambitious agenda to be accomplished before Christmas. These plans reflect the government’s commitment to economic stability, environmental sustainability, and the well-being of all New Zealanders.

As the Government moves to implement these changes, it will be interesting to see the impact on different sectors and the overall trajectory of New Zealand’s future