Christchurch social crisis service defunded

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Christchurch Social Crisis

Christchurch social crisis service defunded

Ben O’Connell

The Ministry of Development (MSD) has cut funding for a social emergency crisis service in Christchurch that helps up to 1000 people. The Loft offers free services for those in need of wellbeing support, but it will be discontinued from October.

The service helps 800 to 1000 people with crisis needs each year. The end of their MSD funding means those people would no longer have a safe space where they can navigate their unique situations and access the appropriate support.

“The Loft has been a lifeline for hundreds of individuals each year, offering much-needed assistance to those facing family violence, mental health struggles, housing insecurities, poverty, and various other challenges. Over the years, we have witnessed the transformative impact of our services on the lives of those residing in Eastern Christchurch community and the wider Christchurch region,” The Loft wrote in a recent press release.

The ”positive and profound impact” the service has on people was highlighted in an independent evaluation into the Crisis Intervention Service. Despite the glowing report, the success of the collaborative crisis support model relies heavily on financial support to remain viable.

MSD will continue to fund two other services at The Loft – Aviva and Kingdom Resources. The Loft says they are willing to consider any options so the service can continue operating, and were grateful for stakeholders, partners, and community members for their support.