Change Management Today

Embracing Change: Change Management Today

Explore the evolution of change management in New Zealand and discover a modern, innovative approach to navigating transitions. This blog delves into strategies, case studies, and insights for effective change [...]
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Mental health

Mental health trends in 2023

The New Zealand government, as of 2023, is poised to undertake a series of significant legislative and policy changes before the Christmas break.
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AI Platforms for Businesses

A Deep Dive into New AI Platforms for Businesses

Artificial intelligence has quickly had a major impact on businesses globally. Continuously developing, businesses now have access to countless powerful AI platforms that have the potential to seriously advantage. Able [...]
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Social Media Insurance Scams

IFSO Scheme Issues Fraud Exclusions Warning

Understanding the IFSO Warning on Social Media Insurance Scams The Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme (IFSO Scheme) has warned businesses that if they’re involved in an online marketplace scam, [...]
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Foodstuffs Propose Operational Merge

Foodstuffs propose operational merge

In the bustling realm of business news magazines, Canterbury Today Magazine emerges as a beacon of innovation and information. This publication, dedicated to unraveling the dynamic landscape of Canterbury’s business [...]
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