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Canterbury Today magazine is targeted at business decision-makers throughout the Canterbury business marketplace. From Nelson in the north, way down to Waimate,  this publication captures the interest of those who are recognized as market leaders and successful contributors to New Zealand’s future.



What You’ll Find in Canterbury Today

Expert Viewpoints

Leading innovators share knowledge and insight about what’s going on in their industries.

Informative News

News, updates and information exploring what’s happening right now in the world of business.

Business Solutions

Discover manufacturers and providers helping Kiwi businesses run smoothly all over the country.


Stay up to date on new products, new brands, new people, and new ideas so you can keep moving forward.

Property and Construction

See advancements in the commercial construction sector including equipment, materials and completed projects.

Transport and Vehicles

Learn about freight providers, logistics innovations, and the businesses supplying and servicing Kiwi vehicles.

Why Advertise  Today?

Canterbury Today is targeted towards innovators and business decision-makers all over the Canterbury and Christchurch region. Targeted distribution means a guaranteed demographic reading and seeing your advertisements. You can get your advertisements to like-minded locals who you know need your services and products.