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Canterbury Today is a leading business news magazine delivering the latest from Canterbury’s thriving commercial landscape to innovators and decision-makers throughout the Canterbury region. With a readership spanning across Canterbury and Christchurch, our publication engages industry leaders and contributors, shaping a brighter future together.

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Expert Viewpoints

Leading innovators share knowledge and insights into developments in their industries.

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News, updates, and information exploring exciting developments happening right now in the world of business.

Business Solutions

Discover the manufacturers, service providers and contractors helping keep Kiwi businesses running smoothly nationwide.


Stay up-to-date with new products, brands, people, and ideas so you can keep moving forward.

Property and Construction

Discover advances in commercial construction, equipment, materials, and building practices.

Transport and Vehicles

Explore freight services, logistics innovations, and firms supplying and maintaining Kiwi freight and transportation.
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Canterbury Today, your ultimate source for the latest updates in Canterbury, New Zealand. Explore a wide spectrum of content, from comprehensive business profiles, sports coverage, and cultural events to community news, health insights, and cutting-edge technology updates. Embark on a journey through stunning travel destinations, savor the finest food and wine, and stay informed about educational advancements. Dive into the heart of environmental and political issues, while also indulging in the vibrant agricultural and entertainment scene. Immerse yourself in the unique blend of lifestyle, arts, and entertainment reviews, making Canterbury Today your go-to platform for everything that matters in Canterbury, New Zealand.

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At Canterbury Today, we're all about sparking the interest of visionaries and decision-makers across the vibrant Canterbury region. Our publication speaks directly to industries, ensuring your advertisements land in front of a dynamic readership actively seeking the products or services you offer. Join us in connecting with professionals who truly value what your business brings to the table.
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